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I wrote this song in Laurel Canyon back in 2007 when I was living for a year in Springfield, MO and had been working and visiting LA. I remember writing the bridge rap part and thinking that it would never stick. The first time I performed it, I thought it would be terrible. It ended up being the opposite and is still a part of the song. ha.

I decided it was an interesting idea to infuse a rant about the lost music industry and a sexy story about getting back a lost love. Somehow, I seemed to get the sentiment across and have had more requests for this song over any other song I've written.

from The Weight Of These Things, released April 13, 2015
Joel Eckels - vocals and guitar
Dawn Thomas - backing vocals
Erik Kertes - bass
Tamir Barzilay - drums
Steve Rizzo - tambourine



Classic’s got some kind of sexy
You feeling me?
Never saw it clear til it left me
What was I expecting
How could it ever be the same
It never even had to change
Well, well

Let’s give pop back to the people
You’re the groove, I’m the needle
Wanna play ya like a 45 record
Why don’t ya
Get up on my turntable
if you’re willing, I’m able
to wear ya out like a 45 record
Why don’t ya

There’s something to be said for the old days
Remember the old ways
Given the chance Everything could be saved
But now it’s all been taken away
How could it ever be the same
It never even had to change
Well, well, well


Remember when pop stood for popular
People made it cool cuz they liked it first
Just another thing that gets manufactured
Humanity took a turn for the worst
The Truth is, there’s really no quick solution
It’s gonna all lead to a revolution
Like freedom of speech, the constitution
Don’t worry baby, it’s evolution
Hard to believe we ain’t come too far
(since) Video killed the radio star
(They) force feed pop like it comes in a jar
Taking the taste out of who we are
No wonder why the world is so cold…
That’s the repercussions of selling your soul