Joel Eckels


Sometimes you need space to get back to yourself and the ones you love. Sometimes you need to go to the back of the moon to find the meaning and importance of the things that are normally right in front of you.

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Joel Eckels

released May 1, 2020 Joel Eckels - Vocals, guitars Clay Blair - Bass Tamir Barzilay - Drums

Written by Joel Eckes (Papersun Music ASCAP) Mixed by Joel Eckels and Wes Poland Mastered by Clay Blair

all rights reserved

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Blues In Heaven

Joel Eckels

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BLUES IN HEAVEN is a song I wrote the day I found out my friend Mike Freas had passed away in 2017. Mike was a bluesman and a friend/mentor to many musicians in LA. This song and lyrics came to me after listening to his music that day. I feel like he helped...

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What's To Come

Joel Eckels

This is a 6 song EP from Joel Eckels and the Wreckards recorded in early 2011. Aside from using a couple of the original tracks from the "Dunsmuir sessions" and tracking vocals with Chris Fuhrman, we recorded everything ourselves for this one. All of the rhythm and guitar tracks were recorded live in full takes.

"Gogo Nikki, the Spy" is the first song that the band has written together from scratch. credits released March 15, 2011

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These 5 songs were picked from sessions we did in November of 2009 after the band was mentored by the legendary soul man, Bill Withers. Bill taught us important lessons about nuance, dynamics in arrangements and helped strengthened our sense of groove. An unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience to say the least. More of the tracks from those sessions will be appearing on the upcoming full-album release.


Joel Eckels - vocals/guitar
Mark "Babyhead" Corben - upright bass/electric bass
Tamir Barzilay - Drums/Percussion
Shawn "Chinky Binks" Eckels - guitars/keys

Adam MacDougall - keys on Mr. Mojo and Bad Blood
Arlan Sheirbaum - melotron on Little Brother
Bill Purdy - piano on The Joy, The Pain
Dawn Thomas - backing vocals on Mr. Mojo
Sky Nicholas - backing vocals on Little Brother
Dan Rothchild - backing vocals on The Joy, The Pain/additional percussion

Engineered by Brandon Duncan
Produced by Joel Eckels, Dan Rotherchild
Arranged by Joel Eckels, Mark "Babyhead" Corben, Tamir Barzilay and Dan Rothchild

Special thanks to Bill Withers for his wisdom and direction

released May 15, 2010

Little Brother

Joel Eckels

Recorded in the fall of 2005 at Eggchair Studios in Hollywood with Chris Fuhrman after the breakup of Paper Sun. It was the first group of songs I had written after the Good Things album. We recorded these songs all live in the same room. I borrowed a Gretch archtop guitar from Jenni Alpert for these sessions, which is what inspired me to get the '57 Harmony I now use as my main guitar. credits released December 5, 2005

Joel Eckels - vocals & guitar Dawn Thomas - backing vocals on "What That's About" and Little Brother Chris Lovejoy - percussion

Engineered by Chris Fuhrman

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*Header Photo: MARK CORBEN