Hey everyone. Well, what can I say? I have done a terrible job updating my website and informing my fans about my musical journey.

More on the musical journey later...


A lot has happened and suddenly we're all in QUARANTINE????!

Well, now that the world has stopped, I'm taking the time to get perspective and get back to some music. I hope you join me.


I played a livestream concert from my living room last night that was a lot of fun and felt great, which means I'm inspired to do more. Keep an eye out for posts in the next couple days with info about the performances. If you catch it in time, you can watch the archive footage on my FACEBOOK PAGE.

You may also be able to catch it on my INSTAGRAM Story.


Well, thanks to all of you for being fans. I hope to see you soon online.

Take care of yourselves, wash your hands real good and stay at home until this is all over.

We'll provide the entertainment.





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